This is the ultimate packaging for your album which will stand the test of time for years to come.  The majority of consumers judge the quality of products by the packaging, and this will not disappoint.  This will enable you to attract the customer in the next price bracket who is prepared to pay for quality.

Whether your albums have printed covers linen, plexi or whatever your style, these styleboxes will take them to the next level.

The Stylebox can be personalized on the outside and inside.  Magnetic closing system.  Colour overprinting or varnish with a font of your choice.  The inside lid can have an image or text, so that the box and the album form a unit.  Finishing available in Lux Line, Soft Touch and Wilbalin. (Scroll down for more info)  Ribbon as an option to lift out your album.  Extremely strong and durable.

You can select your font for the box from the drop down list.  You can also upload images and fonts if you want.


Click on one of the images below, or scroll down for more info.



Lux Line:



Lux Line:

A range that has a pearl finish to it.  Available in seven colours.  Gold Leaf, Cognac, Nude, Champagne, Silver and Desert Storm.  Perfect for when you want something different without going over the top.

Gold-Leaf-Stylebook Cognac-Stylebox Pearl

Nude Style-Silver desert-storm1

Wibalin Linen:

Can’t beat a classic!  Time proven and will always be in style.  Available in a wide range of colours to select from.