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Storybooks only in your top packages?

We all know the reasons why wedding albums are good for business.

They are like little marketing machines for years to come.  It increase your perceived value.  You are a product base business etc. etc.

Problem is that on the practical side it is a logistical nightmare.  Endless back and forth with designs, only to find out with the end product in your hand that you and your clients misunderstood each other.

Give your clients the perfect unexpected gift

  • Give your clients who were only expecting a USB or online gallery as final product a beautifully designed album free of charge.
  • Login details to get access to a pro album’s website’s shop so they can select what they want.
  • Gift vouchers to get discount on albums, design, and parent albums to the total value of R1050.

How does it work?

  • After the wedding when you upload social media you send us your favorite 20-30 images + the couples email and names.
  • We will not contact the couple at this stage.
  • We use the images to make a clean Fundy design, and send you the link together with gift vouchers and login details.
  • You forward them the mail with the gift vouchers and sample design so it originates from your studio.
  • If they decide to take an album, we manage the process from here.
  • We get the images from them, do the design, follow up etc. until we deliver the final album.
  • That way you are not involved in the process which will ensure that your relationship with the couple will not be compromised.


  • Why do you do this?
  • Are there any costs involved?
  • How long do you keep the designs?
  • Will my logo be in the albums?
  • Will I make money doing this?
  • We’ll make sure your name is embossed on the opening and closing end pages.
  • Free advertising
  • Will do our best to make sure they order parent albums so you can get R680 back.
  • Prices will go up in March, but yours will stay the same if you join now.