Our classic, lightweight photo books.  Perfect for any occasion.

Our Photo Book Binding Options

Photobooks are printed on the latest digital press.  It is not real photographic paper like we use for the wedding albums, but very close to. (2400 dpi)

  • We now have true layflat binding as an option for both photo books as well as wedding albums.
  • This allows you to design over the middle of the page, so big panoramic images can stretch over 2 pages without a gutter in the middle.
  • Pages have more substance, and will not fold and tear easily.
  • When selected we put a thin layer of OPP matt or gloss over the pages, so pages are spill-proof and easy to clean.

Magazine Binding.  Printed on 170 gsm Satin

Layflat Binding with Matt Soft Touch

Layflat Binding with Gloss

Layflat Binding with Fine Art Paper

 Photo Book Cover options

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Photobook Pricelist

Prices are for 14 spreads, which folds in the Middle to give you 28 pages.

Hardcover Linen, Pinto, Velvet or Wibalin Cover
A5  R     355.00 28 R16 per set
20X20  R     449.00 28 R20 per set
A4  R     629.00 28 R22 per set
30X30  R     729.00 28 R41 per set
25×34  R     729.00 28 R41 per set
A3  R     980.00 28 R44 per set

How to make your book

  1.   Select your photos – a typical photo book is about 40 pages, which (depending on the occasion) will hold about 120 pictures.
  2.   Download our software (From the software page), and design your book.
  3.   You can also use your own software to design your book.
  4.   Order your book using one of the links above.
  5.   Upload your design using to
  6.   We will manufacture and courier your book after payment.