Books and packaging can be personalized in a variety of ways, and makes a big difference to the end product.


Debossing:  A die is made up, and pushed into the leather or paper.

You can give us your font as long as it is not too detailed, we can do it.  Our default font is Helvetica Neue Light.  Kabel and Champagne & Limousines also works fine.

Here is a few samples done on leather and linen.

Cinzel Evanshand – works only on big covers.


Helvetica Neue Light – clean modern font


Foiling:   Black, Silver, Gold and White are available.   We use the same block to put your logo on the back of your albums.



Linen Foil:  Black, White, Gold, Silver and Grey on linen wood leather etc.


Brass Name Plaque


Laser printing:

















































































































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