Do not underestimate packaging to make a huge impact on how your clients perceive your end product.  We all love opening presents, and this is no exception.

Packaging firstly protects your album USB, DVD, Pints or whatever the case may be.  The second and most important is to extend your brand and creativity to your end product.  It will show your customers you take pride in your work and appreciate their business.

The “unboxing” experience can dramatically change your clients perception of the product inside.  That’s before even seeing the product!   Its like taking a plate of food and serve it in a upmarket restaurant with the right ambience.   Your perception would be totally different to the same plate of food served at a cheap restaurant.

We are lucky to be in the wedding industry.  Normally you buy a product, take it out of the package, and that’s the end of it.  If you get a wedding album or USB in a branded  box, they will become part of your life.  There is no better place to put your logo!  It will be your billboard for life.

We can help you to make your logo on the box very stylish, and as unobtrusive as you want it to be.  You can put white letterpress in grey linen.  Only use embossing, or only use clear varnish. Grey on white also is very stylish.



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