Welcome to our design service! If you are (more or less) like the rest of the wedding photographers out there. you have a lot on your to do list!  Gone are the days of shooting a wedding, and only editing a few photos. If you want to stay in the business, you have to keep up, and stay ahead with the latest trends. You have to edit ALL the photo’s, select for the blog, put your logo on and upload them.  Not to speak about selecting photos for Facebook and keeping up with meetings etc.

We here at Creative Albums want to help you make the burden lighter, and take the whole album design process off your hands. I know many small business owners have a saving on costs mentality.  If they can do something themselves, they should, by not having additional overhead costs. While it may have merit, I believe this mind-set is not optimal for a successful entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and make money.

We found many photographers simply do not have the time to design books, and do the admin that comes with it.   If they do get an enquiry for a book, they make it so expensive, that they loose the sale, and with it an opportunity for free marketing for years to come!  Worse still – the clients go to the cheapest book manufacturer they can find, and put your hard work to shame.

Let’s talk money!  It’s obvious we want books to print and bound.  You want free time to take more photos, or just to do nothing.  We decided to supplement the design fee from our side.  So for the price of R350 (for 20 spreads)

1.  We will do the design for you.

2.  Send you the link so your client can view the album.

3.  Send you the link your client can make changes on the design.

4.  We will do the changes, get approval and get the album print ready.

5. Print and bound the book.

6.  Send it off to you or your client.


Like Melissa Jill from Alignalbum design says:

” So let’s start by ripping the bandaid off first!”

The outdated trends to steer clear are:

1. Using images as backgrounds

2. Making images opaque

3. Excessive overlapping of images

All of these trends clutter up your design and don’t allow your images to stand apart and be appreciated as art. Your images themselves are interesting. You don’t need to make your design overly complex to create a beautiful album. Let the images shine and tell the story for you.

1.  Clean with white space here and there to let your photos breathe – coupled with some pages where we use the whole page as a image.

(Images from Jani-B Photography)



View the complete album here:


Your clients will be allowed two rounds of revisons.  If they want a third round of revisions the cost is R250 per revision.

The revision is a separate link we send your client so they will be allowed to see the pages, and make corrections on the pages with the tools provided.